What’s Keeping Us Busy These Days?

Every couple of years, we like to reflect on what we have been working on at Hello Iconic. These last two years have been particularly challenging in a global sense, but also full of positive surprises and growth.

With that in mind, here are some of the main activities and moments that mark our progress over this time:

Fintech Focus

Over the years, we have worked on the design and development of software applications for a variety of industries and markets. We have worked with clients in media, entertainment, music, sports, retail, education, and others. Recently, we have seen the rise of Fintech as an industry and how more and more startups and established financial institutions are looking for help in the development of the future of financial services through software.

We decided to be intentional about our focus in Fintech and develop the expertise, knowhow, and partnerships with players in the industry to earn our position as fintech software experts.

Our presence at events like Finovate, Money2020, Fintech Retreat, MX Summit, and others this year helped us establish and grow our network and client base in this industry.

CTO Jorge Garcia and CEO Alejandro Corpeño at the DeFi Retreat 2022 in San Diego.

A key component of our fintech focus is the partnerships ecosystem. We aim to work with top fintech providers and technologies that enable our clients to get better and faster results in any fintech application development project.

Hello Iconic's 12 partners logo grid
Hello Iconic's 2022 partnership ecosystem

LinkerFinance is born

One of the most important accomplishments of this year was the development and launch of LinkerFinance, our rapid Fintech application development solution. With LinkerFinance, we can launch a full fintech application in weeks instead of months. Our clients don’t need to invest time or money reinventing the wheel.  Everything they need to get started is included in LinkerFinance on a simple SaaS subscription, accelerating 6 - 8 months of development in basic building blocks like authentication, identity verification, money movement, banking transaction aggregation, and others. Once the basics are covered, our team can work on any custom development needed to adjust the application functionalities to specific business needs.

Linker Finance offers integrations and features that enable fintech businesses to create custom product platforms out of the box.

We are excited to start 2023 with our first implementations of LinkerFinance for Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) and Embedded Finance clients soon to be announced.

Being part of the Latinx business community

This year we were part of the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN) Stanford Scaling Program, a nine week intense executive program for high growth Latino owned businesses and taught by the Stanford Business School faculty in collaboration with LBAN. We focused our learnings from the program on preparing our company and team members for the next stage of scale and growth.

Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative Education-Scaling Program Cohort 13 — May 2022

Also, we had the honor to work alongside some of the top Latino business personalities organizing and hosting the Tech Breakout sessions at L’ATTITUDE in San Diego, CA, the largest latino business community event in the United States.

Hello Iconic team at L'attitude 2022: The New Mainstream Economy
Hello Iconic Team at L'attitude 2022: The New Mainstream Economy

LATAM team growth

After the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, the world of business changed forever. At Hello Iconic we went from having team members in the United States and Honduras to expanding our footprint to other countries in LATAM. We went from 40 people in 2020 to more than 90 by the end of 2022, with team members in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela.

Our team members from Venezuela, Colombia & Argentina with our Leadership team in Bogotá, Colombia
The Hello Iconic Team in South America

More than 50% of our team members have joined in a remote-work-from-home world and our hybrid future is still a work in progress. We have adopted new tools and processes to make sure that all Iconic members, wherever they are in the world can be part of one culture and the iconic way of getting things done.

Continuing to build the best software for our iconic clients

Most of our time and attention is spent in the execution of the design and development projects for our clients. That is our bread and butter and what we love to do.

We have been working with clients like Cyvatar for over two years in the development of their SaaS product in the cyber security industry. We have been with them from the very beginning, developing their first Proof of Concept and continuing with them all the way through launch, Series A funding round, and the ongoing evolution of their platform.

Blockchain projects have also been front and center this year, with clients like CFLOW that looked for our help developing an early prototype, and later a full production-ready blockchain application that even went through a successful third party Smart Contract Audit by Solidity Finance.

Smart contract audit was conducted by Solidity Finance, a firm handpicked by CFlow.
Successful Smart Contract Audit conducted by Solidity Finance

We had a strong Fintech year with companies like SUMA Wealth, Kinly, OfColor, Beanstox, TradingTV, and JustData keeping most of our design, development and product management teams always busy on the ongoing agile development process and constant iteration and launch of releases and updates to their platforms.

Three electronic devices side by side displaying the OfColor, SUMA Wealth, and The Change Company platform.
Fintech platforms developed and designed by the team

Last but not least, we continue to work with our media and entertainment clients, helping companies like Qobuz launch their hi-res audio streaming app on the Samsung Smart TV platform and continuing to work with Neil Young Archives on all of their online and mobile apps products.

These last two years have seen phenomenal growth for Hello Iconic, and not just in terms of the size of our business. We’ve signed new clients while continuing to partner with clients we have served for years. We have developed distinctive software that enables fintech clients to realize their business strategies. Perhaps most importantly, however, we have added incredible talent to our team. People have always been our source of competitive advantage. This will only continue to be true as we blaze new trails in technological innovation in 2023 and beyond.

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