Delivering Fintech Product Platforms that Engage and Perform

We have deep experience developing secure, scalable and high-performing fintech product platforms. Our proven process results in profitable user engagement across a wide range of financial use cases.

Two smartphone side by side showing on screen different fintech platforms.
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Fintech Platforms Expertise

Our expertise goes beyond creating individual fintech products. Rather, we take a platform approach that’s geared to customer expectations and expansions of scale and scope. Examples include:

Digital Banking & Neobanks

Reinventing the banking
experience for a new generation.


Facilitating a positive borrowing experience for fintech product users.

Embedded Finance

Putting finance functionality into
fintech apps for banking, etc.

Buy Now Pay Later

Making it easy to arrange a payment plan while shopping.

Personal Finance Management

Enabling app users to manage their money wherever they are.

Investment Platform

Making it easy to arrange a payment plan while shopping.

Technology Expertise

We ensure your solution is cutting edge - using scalable, modern technologies to build robust, high-performing fintech products. You can trust our extensive knowledge in the following solution categories for your fintech product development:

Data Aggregator
Cloud Computing
Money Movement
Banking as a Service
Income Verification
Security & Compliance
Personal Finance Management
MX Logo, the fintech industry leader in modern connectivity, intelligent enhanced data, and personalized money experiences.
Amplitude logo, an analytics product that enables digital teams to harness the power of product analytics.
Auth0 logo, an authentication and authorization platform.
One Signal logo, the leader in push notifications for customer messaging.
Pinwheel logo, a payroll connectivity platform for securely updating direct deposits and accessing income data.
AWS Logo, world’s number one cloud hosting and cloud services platform.
FinGoal logo, provider of insights and analytics on top of consumer credit and debit card transactions for trusted financial brands.
Very Good Security logo, a fintech & data security enablement platform.
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Salesforce logo, a cloud-based software company that provides CRM services.
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12 +

Years in the Market

90 +

Team Members

40 +

FinTech Releases

Supporting a
Transformative Industry

The rapidly growing fintech sector is reinventing the financial services industry—completely transforming the very nature of customer relationships with innovative technologies.

For nearly all customers, but especially the younger generation, dealing with financial matters through mobile apps is a strong preference. Financial firms need a fintech strategy if they wish to remain competitive.

We can help you realize your fintech vision. We create apps and other fintech products that provide improved and automated financial services. Our approach includes software design and development for fintechs that want to build, launch, and grow their platforms.

A woman using a smartphone. The device is displaying The Change company platform on screen.

Our Approach


Product Strategy
& Ideation
  • Understand client requirements
  • Identify goals and outcomes
  • Provide a robust technical vision


Design &
  • Establish roadmap
  • Design & build the right solution
  • Product building


Launch and
  • Quality assurance
  • Software testing
  • Product maintenance and support
_ Experience meets design & business strategy

Realizing Your Fintech Vision

Fintechs choose us as their software design and development partner because we have a 10+ year track record of success building, designing, and launching fintech products. We deliver on-time and on-budget:

Faster time to market

We deliver results in weeks, even with complex tasks like integrating open banking solutions.

Breakthrough design

Our fintech work is defined by strong, beautiful and consistent UI/UX for your mobile or web fintech platform. We create seamless, enjoyable user experiences—the kind fintech consumers love.

Security and Compliances

Our experience encompasses the extensive compliance requirements that characterize the financial field, including PCI, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, COPPA, and SOC.

Strategic business focus

We balance strategy with execution, planning, accelerating your roadmap to fintech success.

Outstanding technical team

Our 70+ world-class engineers and designers work as if we are part of your internal team. We are continuously learning the most advanced technologies for fintech.

Vatsy platform displayed on a smartphone.
The Change Company platform displayed on a smartphone.
SUMA Wealth platform displayed on a smartphone.

Success Stories

See how these fintechs got to success by partnering with Hello Iconic:


Realizing the vision for a financial wellness platform focused on employees of color.

OfColor wanted a partner to help them build their platform. Our fintech-savvy team took on backend, frontend, QA, and agile product management tasks involving React, AWS, and MX.

Hello Iconic in the Community

Our CTO, Jorge Garcia, and CEO, Alejandro Corpeñom around other attendees at the Fintech Retreat 2023

Fintech Retreat 2023

San Francisco, California

The only Chatham House gathering in Fintech with 6 off-the-record panel discussions to hear honest conversations and opinions that aren't shared on a "mainstream" stage.

Hello Iconic team with Purpose Financial Team at the Have Purpose Conference 2023

Have Purpose 2023
Leadership Conference

Orlando, Florida

An annual event to help Purpose Financial leaders define their strategies and build alignment across the organization.

Fintech Meetup 2023

Fintech MeetUp 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada

An event that connects the payments, banking and related financial services community for new opportunities.

Promotional asset of the MX Summit 2022.

MX Summit 2022


Gold Sponsors at the MX Summit 2022, a gathering of enthusiasts, builders, and leaders of the financial industry who push beyond the status quo.

3 panelists at stage in the Empire Fintech Conference 2022.

Empire Fintech
Conference 2022

New York,New York

An inclusive collaboration of the entire startup ecosystem organizes a series of events highlighting different fintech initiatives.

Finovate Spring Conference

Finovate Spring 2022

San Francisco,California

Discover how the startup ecosystem is responding to the pandemic, new innovations addressing customers' needs today, and the technologies that will allow you to remain relevant in the future.

Hello Iconic founders with Fingoal's VP of Growth at Finovate Spring 2022.

Happy Hour at
Finovate Spring 2022

San Francisco,California

After Finovate Spring Day 1, we hosted a fun evening with drinks, appetizers, and bowling with our friends from Fingoal and Envestnet | Yodlee for all the fintech enthusiasts in the area.

3 Hello Iconic team members at the Amplify 2022.

Amplify 2022

Las Vegas,Nevada

An annual conference that brings together the best of the best product and growth experts to share their knowledge on building iconic digital products and experiences with digital optimization.

Hello Iconic team members with Mary Hernandez, COO at SUMA Wealth, at the MX Summit 2021.

MX Summit 2021


Various enthusiasts, builders, and leaders from the financial industry come together to disrupt and innovate the financial ecosystem.

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