Hello Iconic's Year in Review

As we start the new year, we always reflect on everything we worked on for the last 12 months, the challenges, and the accomplishments of such an exceptional year. Last year began with global economic uncertainty, rising inflation, and interest rate hikes, followed by a couple of US banks collapsing and venture capital investments freezing almost entirely.

These issues affected many of our clients and peers, especially in the startup segment, and they had to adapt to the changing business climate.

On the other hand, we had many positive developments, such as being part of the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies in the US and being accepted into TechStars Los Angeles with our sister company Linker Finance, which we successfully spawned off as an independent startup and is now on a growth trajectory fueled by solid product-market fit and investment.

CEO of Hello Iconic Alejandro Corpeño and CEO of Linker Finance Jorge Garcia at the Inc. 5000 Gala. Also accompanied by Co-Founder-Chief Design Officer of Linker Finance Claudia Bardales at Techstars 2023.

Here is a recap of the highlights from last year:


We have been working with Purpose Financial to develop and launch PurposeMoney, their mobile banking product offering, which will launch early this year. Our development team is fully integrated into the enterprise-level development processes with Purpose Financial's team. We have also continued to develop and launch new features for Beanstox, including their new Power Savings and Stocks 500, allowing users to invest and earn significant returns on stocks, ETFs, and T-Bills from one simple mobile app.

Hello Iconic Team at the Have Purpose 2023 event.


One of our favorite clients is the Neil Young Archives because we can help Neil's team bring their creative ideas to life as part of their digital product portfolio. One of the year's most significant accomplishments was the launch of the Apple Car and Android Auto support for their mobile app, allowing their subscribers to enjoy Neil Young's music library directly on their cars.

Neil Young Archives Carplay preview.

Sports Tech

Last year, we saw a comeback of one of the segments we worked on earlier in our history as a company. First, HANG Media is a platform that "brings you direct access to your favorite athletes, celebrities, & influencers through virtual watch parties of the biggest games in sports." We started with a Design and Technical Architecture discovery engagement with HANG, helping them design and scope their product development plan. Soon after that, they raised their $9.2M Series A round of funding, and we quickly started working on the execution stage of their new event platform, which will be launching early this year. Also, in the intersection of fintech and sports tech, we have been working with Vestible, a platform that lets fans invest in rising athletes and earn dividends similar to what you would make by investing in companies on the stock market.

Business Applications

This year, we entered the EventTech space working with EventAide on a Product Design and Technical Architecture engagement, helping them design full wireframes and a clickable prototype that will allow them to validate their product idea and raise capital for the development stage.

Hang Media, Vestible and EventAide web and mobile app platforms.


One of our leading client segments is Tech Startups, and we always bring all our experience to these projects. One notable project we have been working on for over a year is Linker Finance, which has now grown to become a startup with funding from TechStars and Angeles Ventures.

At the Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator program.

Our Communities

Last year, we continued our commitment to the Latino community and participated in events such as the LBAN-sponsored State of Latino Entrepreneurship Summit and LBAN Alumni Summit held at Stanford University. Later in the year, we joined forces with Guillermo Diaz from Conectado to host the tech breakout sessions at L'ATTITUDE in Miami, where we explored the topics of Generative AI, the Metaverse, and Blockchain as catalysts of change in the business world.

We also joined a new network, the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the United States, where we had a chance to join others in the Inc. 5000 Awards Gala and be part of this select community of businesses.

Hello Iconic Team at L'attitude 2023.

What's Next

Artificial Intelligence is the next big technology wave; all of our clients, their product roadmaps, and our internal processes are impacted by AI in one way or another. Last year, we started getting our hands dirty with AI experiments using the publicly available APIs from OpenAI, Google, and other players in this fast-moving technology.

We have been part of other tech waves before, and our approach has always been consistent: to learn and bring those new developments to the products and features we build for our clients.

Last year was a challenging one for startups and the economy as a whole, forcing many to adapt and enter the new year with a focus on innovation, efficiency, and using technology to achieve better results faster. Let’s work together on building a better future with technology.

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