We help innovators build their digital product vision

Our team of strategists, designers, software engineers, and product managers work with your team building beautiful and scalable software products people actually use.


What We Do

We help innovators create new products in the digital world, most commonly known as "apps." From the very start of an idea, all the way through high-scale production web and mobile application platforms, we work alongside you following a structured agile methodology that produces tangible results every two weeks.

Product Strategy
Senior partners and principals with decades of experience in software design and development, innovation, startup creation work on your product strategy and plan.
UX & UI Design
Our human-centered design process, high fidelity prototypes, usability tests, and polished interface design yields beautifully crafted apps with fantastic user experiences.
App Development
We have strong software-development and engineering expertise. We build apps for Mobile, Web, Video Streaming for TV (OTT), and Augmented Reality, using modern stacks for the top platforms and app stores.
Platform Architecture
Highly scalable applications rely on a reliable and well-designed platform and infrastructure architecture. Our backend systems, APIs, and cloud infrastructures serve millions of users every day.
Fully Managed Teams
We assign dedicated multidisciplinary teams following an agile scrum process. A Delivery Manager works with you on goal alignment and roadmaps and facilitates sprint planning, daily standups, and sprint reviews.
PoCs and MVPs
A Proof of Concept (PoC) or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) allows you to reduce technical risks and quickly get fully functional prototypes developed and tested as the first step on your innovation journey.

How we work with you

Over the years, we have learned to work with clients at all stages of the product development cycle. Whether you need a quick proof of concept or prototype, a full redesign of existing interfaces, or you need to switch from an unreliable vendor you feel trapped with, we have a way to work with you.

Discovery and Exploration

Our senior product strategy, design, and engineering teams work with you on a series of workshops, design sprint, and other innovation methodologies to understand your business needs. In the end, you get detailed wireframes, user flows, prototypes, design explorations, and a draft implementation plan.

Typical duration: 2 to 4 weeks

Proof of Concepts

A proof of concept helps you bring your ideas to reality faster, identifying and lowering technology and implementation risks early while helping you earn the trust of investors, stakeholders, and clients. In the end, you get an actual working-app, which you can give to early adopters for testing and feedback.

Typical duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Application Development and Launch

Our core expertise is the full application development cycle, done by a dedicated agile team of product management, senior software architecture, engineering, design, and quality. Every year we develop and launch and update multiple Web, Mobile, OTT (TV) apps and Backend platforms used by millions of consumers.

Typical duration: 2 to 5 months

Dedicated Agile Product Teams

As your products and software applications mature, you need a reliable team to support, continue building, and keeping your apps running and evolving. Our dedicated teams work with you on monthly, quarterly, and yearly roadmaps to make sure we always have your back. Clients like The Neil Young Archives trust us with their long term projects and apps.

Typical duration: 6 months to many years

UX/UI and Design Systems

Thoughtfully crafted user experiences and beautifully designed interfaces result from a process and collaboration with different teams. Our designers work on new or existing applications, creating or improving the user experience and quality of the user interface design and delivering an extensible Design System to guide the evolution of your digital product.

Typical duration: 4 to 6 weeks

Rescue Missions

Sometimes your internal or outsourced team hits a wall, and the progress of a software project stalls. You feel stuck, and the launch of your product seems impossible. We can help you assess the situation, audit the code, the process, and designs, develop a plan, and save your project, getting to that completion and launch you urgently need.

Typical duration: 4 to 8 weeks


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