Using innovative Fintech to leveling the playing field in banking and finance

The Change Company strives to level the playing field for Black, Latino, and other underserved communities by helping to bring social and racial equity into banking.
A desktop computer and a smartphone side by side showing different The Change Company's platform screens.
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Based in Southern California, The Change Company focuses on empowering diverse individuals, families, and small businesses to reach their financial goals through a digital-first banking and lending service. To do so, The Change Company senior team needed to design an online, mobile platform for users to easily integrate from the beginning to the end of the loan application process.

While the company needed specific help with its online lending platform, they also wanted to restructure and rebrand the mortgage side of its business. Therefore, The Change Company team pursued a trusted design and development partner that could build and continuously update their product to be modernized and easily accessible for users.

  • Product Strategy
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End development
  • API Integrations

Desired Outcomes

  • Secure and Scalable Lending Platform
  • Modern and Fluid UI
  • Easy accessibility for Users
A desktop computer and a smartphone side by side.  The desktop computer shows a programming code and the smartphone shows The Change Company's platform.

Core Features

The lending project included new key integrations for soft & hard credit reports, banking information, and credit approvals while simultaneously storing and securing personally identifiable information and multi-factor authentication. These features were to be met while providing easy accessibility to users with a modern, enjoyable, and fluid experience.

A person using a laptop displaying The Change Company's platform.
Components used in The Change Company platform
Buttons used in The Change Company platform
Graphics used in The Change Company platform
Forms used in The Change Company platform

The Solution

When The Change Company trusted Hello Iconic as their design and development partner, the team took the lead in building, designing, and testing the online platform; so it fits the needs of the user and the company. Our product strategy was to meet users’ needs for quick and easy loan processing while ensuring the users’ data was secure and the company simultaneously had easy access to it.

Together we built roadmaps to ensure a smooth transition into launching while providing constant support to The Change Company’s upper-level management team; as they handled their target market to increase the visibility of the accommodations their product offers.

A laptop and a smartphone side by side displaying The Change Company's platform
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