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Successfully Executing MVPs & PoC

Kenny Miller, President and CEO at The Recount Media, and Craig Goodwin, Co-Founder and Chief Product & Strategy Officer @ share with us their experiences and top recommendations about building Proof of Concepts and Minimum Viable products in their corporate careers and startup ventures.

In the webinar you’ll be able to hear:

  • How corporations and well funded startups are using PoC.
  • How do you prioritize what's on an MVP?
  • How to reduce risks with PoCs and MVPs

Kenny Miller

President & CEO at The Recount Media

Kenny is responsible for managing the overall operations of the company including, but not limited to, managing all business operations, distribution, monetization, marketing, partnerships, and digital product to grow the brand’s content franchises.

Craig Goodwin

Co-Founder & Chief Product and Strategy Officer at

Craig leads our product management, strategy, and engineering functions as a member of Cyvatar’s senior leadership team. He has 20+ years of experience in the security industry, working for the intelligence services in the UK and as Global Chief Security Officer for organizations including Fujitsu, Monster Worldwide, Wolseley Group PLC and CDK Global.

Jorge Garcia

Founding Partner & CTO at Hello Iconic

Jorge leads the areas of product strategy, design, engineering, and research at Hello Iconic. He has 20+ years of experience launching successful global products with companies like Disney, ABC, AMC, The Walking Dead, Syfy, FX, Comcast, The Coca-Cola Company, and The New York Nicks. Jorge has also helped early-stage and venture-backed startups with their development needs.

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