Hello Iconic Announces New Partnership with FinGoal

May 19, 2022

Pasadena, CA – May 19, 2022 – Hello Iconic, a software design, and development agency focused on Fintech and Blockchain products, announced a groundbreaking new partnership with FinGoal, an insights platform that sits atop digital banking and personal finance data.

FinGoal enables fintech and neobank companies to hyper personalize user experiences. They can give companies a 360-degree view of their customers, enriched data, and analyzed data to provide actionable cost-saving insights to their customers, all through an application programming interface (API). Their actionable insights can save end-users $50-$100 a month.

Hello Iconic helps fintech and neobank companies get the most out of FinGoal in their product through extensive expertise in developing secure, scalable fintech platforms coupled with strong and functional UI/UX design.

Through this partnership ecosystem, Hello Iconic can work with companies to market digital products quickly, while simultaneously providing the credibility and quality that comes from working with proven technologies.

"Fintechs and neobanks are progressively looking to increase the retention and engagement of their users. By partnering with FinGoal we can bring best-in-class personalized financial insights to the end-users as well as deep data analytics to our clients with a faster time to market than was ever possible," said Jorge, CTO and Founding Partner at Hello Iconic. "We are already working together, and this partnership was the logical next step."

Hello Iconic and FinGoal can couple complete and analyzed data with strong and seamlessly fintech product development and design. Through this partnership, FinGoal can rely on an industry leader in product strategy and development to accelerate roadmaps, while Hello Iconic clients can gain access to FinGoal’s insights platform to increase engagement and improve customer lifetime value.

An infographic that shows the benefits of partnering with Hello Iconic and FinGoal.

“Our goal as a company is always to be the best partner we can be, but also to seek out and work with the best industry wide partners. We are excited to begin this partnership with Hello Iconic that will enable fintechs and neobanks to integrate our platform into their products quickly and seamlessly,” shares David Nohe, CEO of FinGoal.

About Hello Iconic

Hello Iconic is a specialized software development and design company with deep expertise in fintech and financial services, that creates high-performing fintech apps for millions of users. Hello Iconic has a proven track record, having worked with top finance brands, fintech startups, and Fortune 500 companies—delivering scalable, high-performing finance apps and related digital products. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About FinGoal

FinGoal is a platform that sits on top of digital banking and personal finance data that builds insights & analytics for trusted financial brands all predicated on better understanding their users on a human level. FinGoal is bringing personalization to digital banking. Learn more: https://fingoal.com