Hello Iconic Announces New Partnership With Fortress Trust Company

February 22, 2023

Pasadena, CA – February 22, 2023 – Hello Iconic, a software design and development agency focused on building Fintech and Blockchain product platforms has partnered with Fortress Trust Company, a Web3 infrastructure company.

Fortress provides the financial, regulatory, and technological frameworks needed to make it easy for blockchain innovators to quickly enter the market. Through an expansive yet comprehensive suite of crypto, NFT, and Web3 infrastructure solutions, Fortress handles everything from the on/off-ramps to the minting, maintaining custodial accounts, and creating self-custody wallets for users to hold their cryptocurrencies, tokens, and/or NFTs. Fortress, a state-chartered trust and tech company, handles the compliance and regulatory burden while empowering clients to unlock a new level of customization.

Hello Iconic helps crypto and web3 companies get the most out of Fortress in their products through extensive expertise in developing secure, scalable fintech and blockchain platforms, coupled with strong and functional UX/UI design.

This partnership ecosystem will help founders and their teams go to market faster with a ready-made integration. By leveraging Hello Iconic’s experience with building and launching product platforms that are compliant, secure, and stable, that allow any web2 company to bridge the gap into web3.

"We are beyond thrilled to announce our formal partnership with Jorge and the team at Hello Iconic, as we strive to bring new innovation and creativity to the world of blockchain technology,” said Scott Purcell, Fortress CEO. “Together, Fortress and Hello Iconic will work to deliver cutting-edge solutions and exceptional experiences to our common customers, paving the way for the brighter, more compliant future of web3."

Through this partnership, Fortress clients can get access to a world-class development and design team to rapidly build and launch their fintech and blockchain platforms while Hello Iconic’s clients get access to a suite of web3 backend infrastructure solutions, all accessible through APIs and plug-and-play widgets.

"Our strategic partnership with Fortress represents a game-changer in the blockchain space. With Hello Iconic's well-known development and design capabilities and Fortress's cutting-edge web3 infrastructure solutions, innovators will now have access to a fully integrated, streamlined solution to bring their ideas to life," said Jorge Garcia, CTO and Founding Partner at Hello Iconic. "This partnership underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that drive growth and success for our customers."

Together, Fortress and Hello Iconic will support builders looking to launch NFT programs, digital products with secure on/off-ramps, easy-to-use wallets, and crypto payments to do so quickly and effortlessly while focusing on taking their business to the next level.

About Hello Iconic

Hello Iconic is a specialized software development and design company with deep expertise in fintech and blockchain that creates high-performing apps for millions of users. Hello Iconic has a proven track record, having worked with top finance brands, fintech & blockchain startups, and Fortune 500 companies — delivering scalable, high-performing finance apps and related digital products. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Fortress

Fortress is a Nevada State Chartered Trust Company that provides leading web3 infrastructure solutions for brands and builders to build on/off-ramps, self-custody wallets, as well as fungible and non-fungible token programs. Fortress is the back-end infrastructure layer for a variety of leading Fintech, Web2, and Web3 products and enables clients to bring their Web3 initiatives to market in a quick and compliant manner. Check us out at Fortress.xyz, or on Linkedin and Twitter.

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