Hello Iconic Announces New Partnership with Alloy

August 28, 2023

Pasadena, CA – August 28, 2023 – Hello Iconic, a software design and development agency focused on building high-performing web and mobile apps has partnered with Alloy, an end-to-end identity risk management platform for companies that offer financial products..

Alloy provides banks and fintechs with a scalable, flexible platform to manage identity risk at origination and throughout the customer lifecycle. With configurable solutions for fraud, credit, and compliance risk, dedicated expert guidance, and an extensive ecosystem of data partners, Alloy is powering the delivery of great financial products to a growing number of customers around the world.

Hello Iconic helps entrepreneurs to well-established companies to realize their visions through web and mobile apps that are enjoyed by millions of users. Their extensive experience developing web and mobile apps ensures your solution is cutting edge - using scalable, modern technologies to build robust, high-performing digital products.

“Today’s fintech customers demand high-quality user experiences," said Diane Heilman, Senior Director of Channel Partnerships at Alloy. “At the same time, builders of financial products need to remain compliant so they can manage their identity risk. Alloy and Hello Iconic’s partnership will help enable banks and fintechs to do both, so they can grow with the clearest picture of their customers without sacrificing growth.”

Through this partnership, Alloy’s current and potential customers will gain access to a world-class development and design team. This collaboration will enable Alloy users to expedite the development and launch of cutting-edge fintech products that seamlessly integrate with their APIs. Simultaneously, Hello Iconic’s clients will now have access to Alloy’s identity risk management solutions. By leveraging Alloy’s offerings, they can enhance their fraud detection capabilities, optimize credit underwriting processes, and bolster compliance risk management protocols.

"Alloy's dedication to providing a top-notch identity risk management platform aligns with our commitment to offering cutting-edge and scalable financial digital products," said Alejandro Corpeño, CEO & Founder at Hello Iconic. "Together, we enable a seamless digital experience for end-users, ensuring compliance and trust."

This partnership ecosystem empowers innovators to achieve unprecedented levels of innovation and security. It allows businesses to meet KYC and AML requirements efficiently, and streamline credit policies with clean and configurable workflows while gaining a comprehensive view of their customers' financial activity.

About Hello Iconic

Hello Iconic is a specialized software development and design company with deep expertise in Fintech, M&E, EdTech, SaaS, and Innovation that creates apps for millions of users. With a proven track record of working with top brands, startups, and Fortune 500 companies, Hello Iconic delivers scalable and high-performing web and mobile apps. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Alloy

Alloy solves the identity risk problem for companies that offer financial products. Over 500 banks and fintechs turn to Alloy’s end-to-end identity risk management platform to take control of fraud, credit, and compliance risks, and grow with confidence. Founded in 2015, Alloy is powering the delivery of great financial products to more customers around the world. Learn more at alloy.com.

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