Helping a financial wellness platform launch their MVP and raise 3.3M in funding

Suma needed to quickly build a platform that reached its stated goals. We partnered with them to build a PoC that quickly evolved into an MVP in just 5 months.

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SUMA is a fintech company based in southern California focused on raising the generational wealth of Latinxs through an informational and outcomes-based platform that helps Latinxs invest wisely, improve their finances, and foster a community of financially literate users.

As their community swelled to more than 350,000 users, SUMA sought a partner who could design and develop a platform quickly so it could continue to deliver on its promise. But speed could not replace functionality; access to data and ease of use were too important to sacrifice. They needed a system robust enough to keep pace with SUMA's rapidly growing user base, so the company began its search for a better alternative.


  • Product Strategy
  • Proof of Concept
  • Minimum Viable Product


    • Front-End Development
    • Back-End  Development
    • DevOps
    • API Integrations
    Hello Iconic always goes the extra mile for us. They're not transactional, they operate like an extension of my own team, like true partners in design and development
    Mary Hernandez
    Chief Growth and Operations Officer at SUMA
    • Easy access to robust customer and user data
    • Technically viable product to help SUMA raise additional capital
    • Intuitive, accessible UI to allow customers to manage their wealth, not just answer financial questions
    The Solution

    When SUMA selected Hello Iconic, the team dove deep into their business model, seeking to understand its vibrant community and all that SUMA planned to deliver. We decided to build a proof of concept from the feature list in just six weeks and delivered a viable product a few short months later.

    The team captured early wins on the technology side while simultaneously deepening their knowledge of the SUMA brand and overall financial literacy, which enabled them to become part of SUMA's internal team.

    A person using a smartphone showing SUMA’s platform on the screen
    SUMA Wealth’s platform displayed on an iPhone screen.SUMA Wealth’s platform displayed on an iPhone screen.SUMA Wealth’s platform displayed on an iPhone screen.


    The extensive project included new partner integrations and implementations, a brand and design refresh for enhanced UX, ongoing project management, quality assurance, and evolved visual design features. The Hello Iconic team also had to ensure the platform would be compliant with applicable data and privacy standards—no small feat given the number and variety of compliance metrics in use.

    SUMA Wealth’s platform displayed on an iPhone screen.SUMA Wealth's platform screenshotSUMA Wealth's platform screenshot
    A person using a smartphone showing SUMA’s platform on the screen
    One of the things I love most about working with Hello Iconic is that they are strategic thinkers who get work done quickly and well. They genuinely take the time to understand the results we want to achieve, what we want as an end state. They look holistically at every project, not just the part that they own, and they can move just as quickly and nimbly as we do
    Mary Hernandez
    COO & Cofounder Suma Wealth | Latina | Fintech
    The Results
    Additional $2M
    Funding round
    Faster time to market
    5 Months
    Design production
    4 weeks
    Mobile app development
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