Building an NFT Marketplace for Latin America

PoC of an Ethereum Blockchain application—with backend and mobile app components—featuring Smart Contract and NFT publishing to an OpenSea based marketplace.

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Cflow platform displayed on a smartphone screen. By the side 2 NFTs cards.
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CFlow is an NFT platform based in the United States but with deep roots in Latin America. Their challenge was to develop their technology for Latin America, as the idea for the business came from seeing firsthand damage that the Covid-19 pandemic was doing to small, independent shops specifically in Central America.

To do so, the CFlow team wanted to create an NFT marketplace platform arts and crafts communities could use to create, sell, mint, and lazy mint their NFTs. The platform also needed to be user-friendly, understandable to Spanish speakers, and able to simplify the subject and make it more accessible to the user. With an extensive background in technology, Oscar Rodriguez, CFlow’s CEO, knew that hiring the correct team of developers was crucial to the success of the startup.

  • Product Strategy
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Proof of Concept
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • API Integrations
  • CMS Development
  • Blockchain Interaction

Desired Outcomes

  • Secure, Multi-chain platform to allow artists to lazy-mint their NFTs.
  • Simplify the subject and make it an intuitive user experience.
  • A robust NFT platform where the user can create an NFT from their cell phone.
Two smartphones side by side. The one in the left displays CFlow’s wireframe, and the one on the right displays CFlow’s platform.

The Solution

When CFlow’s team selected Hello Iconic, the team guided them through a series of steps that helped shed light on their platform’s needs. We decided to start with a user experience strategy process, followed by a proof of concept process to test the platform’s multi-chain capabilities, and finally a full test of its user interface and minimum viable product.

The Hello Iconic team also helped CFlow with a brand refresh for enhanced user experience by redesigning its logo to make it simple and more pleasing to the eye. The team took careful consideration into delivering not just in time but having quality work coupled with easy, straightforward communication.

A person using a smartphone with Cflow platform on screen.

UI/UX Design

From Wireframes to Implementations
A smartphone showing Cflow’s wireframe.
A smartphone showing Cflow’s wireframe.
A smartphone showing Cflow’s platform preview.
Cflow’s platform displayed on a smartphone screen.
Cards used in CFlow’s platform.
Cards used in CFlow’s platform.
CFlow platform
CFlow platform
Cflow’s platform displayed on a smartphone screen.
Logo of Cflow, an NFT marketplace
White logo of Cflow, an NFT marketplace
Icon of Cflow, an NFT marketplace
Successful Smart Contract Audit Batch

Successful Smart
Contract Audit

As whenever a new system is being developed for the cryptocurrency market, testing its integrity through an audit is an essential step to protecting it from hackers and other malicious actors, the Hello Iconic team’s execution of CFlow’s smart contracts was verified through an audit conducted by Solidity Finance, a firm handpicked by CFlow.

Hello Iconic’s execution of smart contracts was immaculate from top to bottom. The firm gave its highest marks to Hello Iconic's technology, which passed every aspect of the audit with flying colors.

A programming code displayed on a laptop screen.
I have nothing but good things to say about the entire team in terms of professionalism, dedication, and turning things on time. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely go with Hello Iconic again. We are very excited, and we are very proud and confident of what the future holds for CFlow, for Hello Iconic, and for this partnership.
Oscar Rodríguez
Founder & CEO at CFlow
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